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A bit about me

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

My name is Jackie, Jax for short. I have a love for old houses and I have been in the Real Estate business for quite some time. My love to Restore and Renovate old houses came from my parents. I remember driving with them and looking at houses as a kid/ know it all teen and being able to see the transformation of these properties as they were able to renovate them. I can still remember some of the first houses we drove by and talked about together. Today we still hold that same interest. We talk on the daily about our current projects or which house we would love to see restored. Now my kids drive with me and point out what they love about these old houses or how we can fix them if we buy it. Well, most of the time they are just asking for snacks and when we are going house hunting but, when they do see a really cool one they are very excited. 🙃 The old character that these houses have are priceless. When I see an old abandoned house or building I see the beauty of what it used to be. The history each place has, and the memories that were made deserve to be remembered. I would love for you to join me on this journey of the beauty of what use to be

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