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Before & After Projects

I L.O.V.E before & After pictures! What I love even more is being able to create the transformation and then seeing my thoughts come to life. I take great pride in the work that I do. My goal is to restore and renovate the old houses that are within the City that I live in. I have restored many houses here in Seguin, TX and I am always ready for the next adventure. 


BIG Mountain

I tried for at least 5 years to buy this house and finally in was listed for sale, and under contract soon after. I put in 3 different offers on this home before my offer was finally approved. I knew I would buy it even though there was 3 contracts before me. See, I specialize in restoring older homes back to their beauty and I really love the ones that need a TON of work. 


Small Mountain

Small in an understatment, the smaller the project the more complicated it will be. When I work on "smaller" houses it takes a little longer to figure out the layouts. You really have to use each Sq. inch you have. 


Country House

This house was a fun project to work on! Anytime you have a screened in porch on land you know its going to be awesome!


Olive House

Here's another old home that I love. When I get calls about houses for sale that are pre 1960 my heart gets super excited. The transformation on this home was amazing!


Saunders House

This old home was built it 1954 (as per GCAD) super cute interior. This old house had so many unique characteristics about it. 

I called this house the black and white house. This was the theme inside and out. Another one of my favorite houses to work on. 

Cherry House



Geronimo House

This house was one of my first biggest projects. I remember taking the paneling off of all the walls to find out there was never any drywall ever put in this house. 

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