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Now and then: My Real Estate story

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Now and then: My real estate story

Well to tell you the truth I didn’t always like Real Estate. It has grown on me over the last several years. I like different aspects of the RE game. With first loving property management, then looking for houses for other investors to buy. I made a quick buck and was on to the next. Then I started looking into the construction side of things and getting my hands dirty. I got over that pretty quick (the first Texas summer) is all that took. But I still enjoyed the work. I took a break for a while, a long while. Then when I was pregnant with my second child I started back up again. I bought my first house in Seguin on my own and started the rehab, and when I say “started the rehab” I mean my husband did most of the work. That’s how it normally happens, I think of a time consuming project and he does it. Ok ladies, when looking for a husband make sure he’s handy and all your dream projects come true and you rarely do most of them. Let’s get back in track. So we finished that rehab, and went on to the next. The next several projects I really started to get into the design aspect of it, which I never liked because I really didn’t know what I was doing. Like most things you’ve never done there’s fear and doubt. But, once I kinda got a feel for what I really liked it all came together at the end. I did tons of research of colors, spent hours upon hours on the Internet looking at different designs. Which was fine because I’m up all hours of the night with a hungry new born anyway. I might as well do something productive. I love seeing the transformation on these old houses. It reminds me of Jesus, we come to him old, broken down, dirty, and he cleans us up, fixes us, and makes us new. I realized this one day at the end of on of our rehabs while I was cleaning windows. As I continue this journey I get more excited on what I’m going to learn on the next house. I now enjoy helping people decorate, and design their new spaces on their new projects. Now being in the flipping business and buying houses for cash is something I absolutely love doing. I love buying houses in Seguin. Regardless of age, condition, or situation we will give a no-obligation cash offer on homes. You can call us or visit us @ I love the city that we live and work in. A great community, with lovely people. Knowing that we are doing wonderful upgrades to our city is just one thing that I love. Our goal is to help those wanting to sell the unconventional way because of the condition of their house or they just want to sell fast. Our passion is to create a home for those who buy our rehabbed houses. From buying to selling the house, we put in so much love, small details, and definitely sweat into each house.

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