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Beauty behind the home

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

I wrote this when I made an offer my first offer on this home. Unfortunately someone else was able to get the contract with a different offer. But my heart is happy that soon it will be restored. **Update** My realtor called and said the contract fell through. So I made another offer **Update** They Went with another offer (sad face) **Update** Offer Fell through - We put in another offer. Lets see what happens

Beauty behind the home

We made a third offer and now the house is under CONTRACT!! My heart beats to know the history of this 1930 home. So many memories from previous families. My heart beats happily knowing that I get to restore her back to her original beauty. The beauty behind the home sits within these walls, although it may be dirty and old there is still so much to see beneath it all. The beauty in her will once again shine bright. Once again a family will make memories within these walls. Once again she will shelter a family who admire the beauty behind within this home. If you have known me for a while or have just met me you immediately know I love what I do. My love for pre 1960 homes runs deep within my veins. The joy I get every time I bring life to these beautiful homes in my community. I not only love bringing these houses back to life but I love that people in my community can make memories with their loved ones as well. The joy I get every time I see an old house never gets old. I’m sure it get annoying to some when I want to pull over everything I see a house or circle around to see it again.

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